Passages – Stories of Unspoken journeys


This book, edited by Yong Shu Hoong, is a special project of the Singapore Writers Festival, to create a series of stories inspired by the less privileged of our society by local writers. The writers interviewed people from hospice, Social service homes, and prisons. I was happy to read translated works from Tamil, Malay and Chinese writers as well, giving me  different perspectives.

Some stories leave deeper impressions than others. I like stories about women’s struggle, and thus Seascrapers by Stephanie Ye and Tamil translated Two Paths, One Journey by S Anparatsan are my favourites.

Seascrapers, which I first read in another Anthropology, talks about an ex-wife who returns to care of her ex-husband with brain tumour, he who has forgotten that they have already divorced.

Two Paths, One Journey is the story of two women who are neighbours in rented flats, one Chinese and one Indian. Both married the wrong men and thus the families suffer.

While this book is rather dreary to read, it gives me, a more privilege one, a glimpse of the daily struggles by members of society who are not part of the successful narratives that we read so much about in Singapore.


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