Punch – Korean Drama

Unless you are familiar with the legal system in Korea, this legal drama will stump you by the twists and plots. With so many layers and breadth in the prosecutor’s department, there should be plenty of check and balance in the Korean legal system. Yet, it’s not check and balance that prevail and keep the law within the jurisdiction, but bribes and favours that cover any wrong doings – you rub my back and I rub yours.

Park Jung Hwan (the very charismatic Kim Rae Won, which is why I watched the show despite it not being romantic) serves his boss  Lee Tae Joon with loyalty for seven years, breaking laws and giving bribes to help his boss attain his chief prosecutor position and incurring the wrath of his ex-wife, fellow prosecutor Shin Ha Kyung.

This drama is really all about the relationship between the two men, how they plot to topple Yoon Ji Sook (Minister of Justice) who wants to remove bad guy Lee Tae Joon. But she is hiding her own secret – her son who is a judge evaded military service. So except for Shin Ha Kyung, who wants a better world for her seven year-old daughter, Yerin, everyone in the prosecutor’s office has a personal agenda and will use all means to obtain their objective, even breaking the law. You see the hypocrisy as they take the oath but excuse their bad deeds that a lesser evil is needed to get rid of a larger evil.

It takes a fatal brain tumour for Park Jung Hwan to regret his actions and set things right in the three months leading to his death.

I didn’t really follow the plot but the dialogue is really humourous. Park Jung Hwan gets to hear his enemies preparing a suit for his funeral, how much condolence money they will give his family if he helps them out now etc.

I rather enjoy it. I wonder how the Korean Prosecutors view their corrupt department though.


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