Inside Out – Movie Review

I had a rare treat yesterday even though it was not my birthday. My cousin took us to her favourite Japanese restaurant and I had the best wagyu beef bowl. After lunch, I was treated to a movie by my 13 year old niece Nat who is visiting from Germany.

I always read the review before watching the movie and this one was 4/5 stars. I asked Nat if she knew what the movie was about and she could describe it in as great details as the review. Had she read the review? No, trailers. In fact, she could tell me about many films just based on watching trailers from Youtube. It finally dawned on me that my niece is really a teenager now, unlike Wiley, the 11 year old in the movie.

Inside Out is a movie about how our emotions control our everyday decisions and actions. These emotions are personified in the movies by actual characters. There are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, who sit in a control center somewhere inside us. Luckily for Wiley, the rest of the characters look up to Joy for command, making Wiley a somewhat happy girl, depositing her short term and core memories in the form of marbles which help lay the foundation of personalities and characters into actual cities like Friendship, Family, Goofball etc.

The family’s move to San Francisco threatens these structures as Sadness, Fear and Anger play a more dominant role, displacing Joy, a cheery girl who sees the positive sides of everything. Every memory Sadness touches turns blue, as she goes blindly around like the overweight depressive character that she is. One day, the core memories, Joy and Sadness are sucked out of the control center as she and Sadness try to retrieve the core memories, leaving the control center to Fear, Disgust and Anger. How can Joy return to the control center and save Wiley from self destruction?

I discussed the movie with my niece and nephew after, telling them to be aware of their emotions and not let anger, etc, take control. My niece was reminded of her jealous impulse towards her brother, although there is not a Jealous character in the movie. I asked her 8-year old brother if he has Joy in his heart after the movie and was surprised that he has sadness. I asked, Why? Because I am going home tomorrow, he said, making me sad as well.

I am glad they both enjoyed the movie. They certainly have an early start to being mindful of their emotions.


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