7 Letters – Movie review

This local movie – comprising of seven short films – was an unexpected hit when it was on limited release. By popular demand, it is now showing in Golden Village cinemas. The seven short films were an SG50 project given to seven prominent local filmmakers, to depict their idea of Singapore.

My party of five included my young German niece Nat and nephew Pat, age 13 and 9 respectively. Their five-week summer vacation in Singapore had been filled with such SG50 entertainment like LKY musical and 1965 etc. We thought they will enjoy the movie because of the many children acting in it

I like most of the seven films, although some made better impressions than others.  Eric Khoo’s Pontianak opened the film and was i can decide if its a comedy and horror movie. It was my nephew’s favourite, the beautiful Kebaya clad girl turning into a long – hair monster with long canines.
The closing by Kelvin Tong, titled Home, about a family’s Ching Ming’s visit to Grandfather’s tomb in Johor and grandma’s annual update to grandpa on the changes in Singapore so that he can find his way to their home, left many with wet tissues.

As expected, films with children, like Home, striked a chord with many of us. Royston Tan’s tale, Bunga Sayang, about the relationship between a Chinese boy and his elderly Malay neighbour was simple and touching. So was Jack Neo’s kampong puppy love story.

For us grown ups, we could relate to these films, about kampong and Pontianak, with fond nostelgia, but we were amusingly surprised that the Nat and Pat like them too.

So don’t miss it.


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