Mask – Korean Drama

Yet another debt-ridden woman meeting filthy rich man drama, which makes it somewhat boring. There’s no good romantic comedy coming out of Korea nowadays. If there is, it’s not showing in my cable. I watched because of the subject of doppelgänger, a term I first came across while doing research for my novel. Doppelgänger is someone who looks spookily like you, but isn’t a twin, and it is believed that the first person to spot his doppelgänger will die first.

It’s said in the show that we all put on a mask daily, not showing the world our true intention. In this case, the truth is evil and unmasking could bring harm.

Byun Ji Sook and her brother Ji Hyuk have a hard time paying off loan sharks incurred by their father. The loan sharks are vicious, such that she was almost killed in a car accident when a strange man saved her, but she has to pretend to be the daughter of an assembly man Eun Ha, who looks exactly like her, and marry rich boy Min Woo as a business exchange. (Voice also the same?)

Eun Ha, who has died in Min Woo’s pool, is cremated as Ji Sook, so that Ji Sook can marry Min Woo and be manipulated by Min Woo’s evil step brother-in-law Suk Hoon to take over the business.

Min woo and Ji Sook fall in love but Ji Sook is filled with guilt for deceiving Min Woo. Yet she cannot reveal the truth.

At least this drama is quite believable for Ji Sook, a novice in crime, is often subjected to her emotions whenever she meets her grieving family which left Suk Hoon exasperated. She is not the calm and poise partner in crime he wants, but is often shaken by her guilt and fear, yet helpless. Thus making this drama more watchable.

The two leads however do not share a chemistry, and you wonder if they are really in love, as they behave so cordially towards each other even when they have both revealed their true feelings for each other. They can share a bed but don’t expect any intimacy. They are thus overshadowed by villain couple, Suk Hoon and Mi Yun, who gave a stronger performance as a love-sick wife who would do anything for her evil husband.


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