Sing50 – Review


Sing50 was touted as a concert to showcase 50years of Singapore songs and music, to bring people together in a special way for the nation’s 50th jubilee. It gathered the best representatives from different local ethic entertainers, genres and age to come together. We had Tracy Huang, JJ Lin, Dick Lee, Stephanie Sun, Jacintha, Jeremy Monteiro, Nagip Ali, Rahima Rahim, and included even international classical pianist Lang Lang and rapper

So it was with much anticipation that my extended family of nine attended the concert yesterday evening. The community choir led by Francis Liew was already entertaining the early birds but I wouldn’t have noticed. From where I was sitting at the almost extreme corner of the cavernous oval stadium, opposite end of the stage, I couldn’t hear nor see them. The sound seemed to be sucked out by an opening in the dome ceiling.


Unfortunately for us sitting in Section 407, the whole three hours were spent trying to hear the concert. Reading the rousing report in today’s Straits’ Times, I wondered if I was at the same concert. Yes, the reporter described some poor acoustic experience but that’s a real understatement. I couldn’t hear the DJ, couldn’t make out the singers, and the small screens didn’t help from my position. What exactly did we hear? Lots of noise but nothing intelligible.

I must say we were totally detached from the whole experience. Some groups left after an hour. My brother went to look for better seats but for the rest of us, it was two and a half hour of pure torture. I looked around, people were looking at their phones. Another aunt together with my sister had free tickets and were seated fourth rows from the stage. Their experience were better than ours, suffice to say.

I heard the previous concert staged at the stadium by Jay Chou had the same problem. Luckily we only paid S$20 each. Poor Jay’s fans, I now know how they must have felt. What I cannot fathom is how this can be repeated. If this is not the proper venue for a concert due to poor acoustic, don’t mislead the public like this.

It was the worst concert I have attended, which is really a pity since I know how much effort is put into it, by the artists and everyone involved. I had expected a heartfelt experience just like NDP, for many of us had turned up in red, some with SG50 printed. Alas, it was not to be.


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3 Responses to Sing50 – Review

  1. WK says:


    I was searching the net to see if anyone experienced this problem too. I was at section 400+ and the audio was horrible. Instruments and background music overpowered the DJs & vocals. After the first hour, the situation felt really awkward as many of us around the section were just chatting among ourselves or entertaining ourselves with our smartphones.

    Really disappointed at the “Xinyao” part, where the wonderful songs written and composed by Prof Liang Wen Fu were murdered by the horrible audio system. All I could hear was the beatboxer’s beat and the vocals were all covered by it. A real pity as Xinyao is THE quintessential part of the Singaporean Music.

    I’ll take this as a lesson to never to go the National Stadium for musical events.

    Best wishes

    • vickychong says:

      Me too. Last time I am going there for concert. JJ Lin’s concert is going to be there. I guess you need to buy the most ex tickets if you want to go there for concerts

  2. AV says:

    The new stadium is actually pre-installed with EAW QX and MQX speakers all over the stadium. I believe this makes up a distributed sound system to have sound waves reach the audience directly and thereby reducing echo. But the frequency of these speakers could only be matching those of a human voice and I wonder if these EAW QX speakers can also produce the deep bass that is required in a music concert. Also for this Sing50 concert, I noticed only for this concert event, those sound engineers placed huge speakers at the stage area. And I think that was what caused the sound disaster because those speakers would send sound waves bouncing at various points from the dome. In a closed up stadium like this, I think only a distributed sound system would work and should be used, and the speakers should cover the entire sound spectrum of high and low frequencies.

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