The Privileged – Korean Drama

The Privileged, otherwise known as High Society, has one of the best script in the history of drama, not because of the plot, but for the dialogues and how no assumptions or generalisation is taken for granted.

This is a clever version of a poor boy trying to climb out of his middle-class lifestyle meeting a rich girl who wants to be independent of her family.

Yoon Ha is the youngest daughter of a rich family who is despised by her mother as her birth is predicted by a fortune teller to bring bad luck. She is ostracized by both her sister and sent to China for education. Her only comfort at home is her eldest brother, the heir to the company.  She works as a part-timer at a supermarket and becomes good friend with Ji Yi, who has a crush on dashing manager Joon Ki. Joon Ki is best friend to owner of the supermarket Chang Soo, who views Joon Ki as and equal and not of a lower status despite their social class difference.

Joon Ki courts Yoon Ha knowing her background without her being aware. She thinks he truly loves her, until she is told the truth by Chang Soo, who is accused by Joon Ki for being a hypocrite. Chang Soo claimed to not see the class difference, until the woman, Yoon Ha, whom he is was match-made too, likes Joon Ki. Chang Soo has no interest in Yoon Ha but in Ji Yi, but he feels because of his less privileged background, Joon Ki is in no position to court Yoon Ha. Chang Soo might think he is not a snob, but deep down, the treatment of his best friend whom he thought he has always considered as an equal bubbled to the surface and showed its true colours. His constant declaration of his affection to Joon Ki was more to convince himself than for Joon Ki’s knowledge. Joon Ki, himself ashamed of his family’s background, realizes that being rich does not mean being happy. Yoon Ha’s unhappy family contrasted with his parents’ love. He too learns a lesson that being born privileged might not be as good as he thought, if Yoon Ha tries so hard to escape from it.

Behind the romances, there is the in-fighting between Yoon Ha”s siblings to take over their father’s business, much like what is happening in real life Lotte’s Conglomerate.

One of the better dramas I recommend. The fact that the male leads Sung Joon and Park Hyung Sik(The youngest son in What’s happening to my family) are so good looking is an added bonus.

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