The Girl Who Can See Smell – Korean Drama

The sixteen-episode is a romantic comedy-thriller with a good looking cast. Unfortunately, the Korean police force is often put in a bad light, inefficient and sometimes corrupt, until the hero steps in.

In this case, the hero is  Choi Moo Gak, a man who lost the only family he has, his younger sister, Choi Eun Sul, to a serial killed nick-named the bar code killer, because the killer cuts his victim with bar codes after killing them.

Unknown to Choi Moo Gak, his sister’s death is a case of mistaken identity, for she shared the same name as another girl, whose parents were killed by the same man and now is being pursued by him, except that she has lost her memory and is given a new identity by a retired policeman who has saved her.

Oh Cho Rim not only lost her memory but gained an unusual skill – an ability to see smell so minute that perhaps only dogs can smell. How does she do it? The TV viewers sees what she sees:  clipart flowers coming out from clothes, cigarettes floating in smokers, fish, etc. She helps Choi Moo Gak solve some crimes in exchange for him to be her partner in a comedy act, thus forming a relationship that develops.

Choi Moo Gak suspects a doctor in the hospital of killing his sister, but when the same doctor is killed by the bar-code killer, he realises that the killer is more sophisticated.

The couple fall in love but Oh Cho Rim finds out that Choi Moo Gak’s sister had been killed because the killer has mistaken the sister for her and is filled with guilt. The killer has face-recognition disability problem which renders him unable to recognise faces. (I think I have the same problem, but to a lesser extend.)

Why does the bar-code killer go to such extreme to kill his victim? I wasn’t very certain. But then, that’s why they are psychopaths right? By the way, the drama is adapted from the webcomic “Naemsaereul Boneun Sonyeo” by Man Chwi and you know, anything is possible in comics.

There are enough suspense in the drama to keep you glued to the 16-episodes. There is great chemistry between the leads but the show is more about the murders than their romance.


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