Birth of a Beauty – Korean Drama

This romantic comedy has both of my favourite leads, so even if it was predictable and over-ran its storyline, I followed it until the end.

Sa Geum Ran is an overweight housewife who sent her husband to an overseas’ education while she waits on his family, consisting of his father, mother and two sisters. She sends him video chats but doesn’t get any reply until she discovers that he is in fact back home and living with his mistress, Gyo Chae Yeon, a beautiful TV host. She begs her to leave him but is taunted instead for her image.

One day, Sa Geum Ran meets with an accident and is thought to have died. She lives and is appalled that instead of grieving, her husband and women-in laws were celebrated and planned for her husband’e wedding to Gyo Chae Yeon.

She decides to change a life and went to a plastic surgeon to beg him for plastic surgery, not knowing that he is not the surgeon but the adopted brother, who also wants to stop Gyo Chae Yeon’s wedding as he is in love with her.

The whole drama could have ended in 16 episodes in a light and comical manner tracing their romance, but instead, we are dragged into yet another drama of family feud, attempted murders etc, that stretches into 21 episodes which we then hope will eventually ends well. The Korean scriptwriters can be quite fickle in that way.

Yes, it’s a happy ending but one has to be patient.

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