JB Ah Meng @Geylang Lor 23

It’s the Father’s Day Sunday and we expected everywhere to be packed, so I was lucky to reserve a table at this tze char stall, with a table situated in a small lane in between pre war shop houses.
We were also lucky to secure the last parking space in a parking lot near the restaurant.
As we walked towards the restaurant,  there were shouts and a group of girls were seen running into a stairway.
Welcome to Geylang,  the notorious red light district where foreign girls walk the street and illegal hawkers ply faked Viagra on plastic sheets along main road and back lanes. But this is also the place for good food.
JB Ah Meng had good online reviews so here’s another one.
Despite arriving at 6pm, 15 minutes earlier than our reservation,  we waited 40 minutes for our food and only ended our meal closed to eight pm, unheard of for tze char.
Our male server was unapologetic,  and showed a black face throughout. The female boss was affable,  and explained that they had a usually large order for tapau  (takeaway ) due to Father’s Day.
We ordered the recommended.


The clams,  fried with garlic and chili padi was deliciously succulent.


The fried bee hoon came after a long wait and was quickly gobbled up. The beehoon,  fried with small amount of small shrimps and meat, tasted like my favourite breakfast,  economic beehoon.


My husband wanted nostalgia and ordered fish head with bitter gourd, fried in black bean sauce. His mother used to fry this with the left over fish heads from making fish balls.


The French beans with crispy lotus roots looked nicer than it tasted. The lotus roots were left too long sitting and not as crispy as I would have liked.


The deep-fried bringal and potatoes was a nice combination.  The deep-fried  bringal had nice outer texture which complemented the soft flesh. It was the best dish of the night for me.



The last two dish came after a long long wait. Both were quite forgettable.  The deer meat can be found in many other tze char places and the fried fish skin, which I spotted selling in a tourist outlet in Phuket, seemed to have come straight out of the packet,  served with a dip.
Overall, our dinner for 6 cost $134 excluding drinks.  Do check your bill as we’re charged a dish of Cameron Highlands dragon vegetables(leek) that was not served.
Don’t think it’s worth a repeated visit though.


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