Under The Sun – by O Thiam Chin


I bought two books by this author for my son Aaron when he was in primary school, hoping to introduce him to local writers and the stories seem easy enough.

Having been immersed in the local writing scene for the past year, my current reading list comprises mainly of local authors and I grabbed these off books Aaron’s shelf, left untouched, for my Phuket trip. Am i glad he didn’t read the books.

I know many local writers are gay and I do not know if this author is one, although the theme is pronounced throughout this book, mingled with other less sexual, but otherwise dark stories.

He takes inspirations from news reports and adds in the juicy bits that are not reported in the Straits Times, although the Chinese Wanbao may at times do so.

Stories of what went through a woman’s mind before she murders her family and commits suicide, how a teacher molests his male students, stories of incest, affairs, and dirty secrets behind Singaporeans’ doors, etc.

I thought I would have a feeling of disgust when I read the rather explicit homosexual act described but instead I find myself imagining how on earth the act is consummated without any contortion of the bodies. (Too much details?)

The stories are short, less than three pages long.

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