C’est Toi – By Clementi Town Sec School


Attending C’est Toi, an aesthetics combined concert in celebration of CT35 (35th anniversay of CTSS), gave me an opportunity to visit the newly opened Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall at an affordable ticket price.

I have never been a fan of school concerts, as I remember sitting though obligatory hours during my student years at the various school events, watching amateurs at play. How school concerts have changed, at least for what was presented to us last night. Seven aesthetic groups – Drama, Chinese, Malay and Indian Dance, CT Winds, Choir and Guzheng Ensemble, which had won distinction for SYF 2015 put on a more than perfect performance.  The Chinese dancers, many clearly trained in ballet, were a stark difference from my classmates and I, and the Chinese dances my class had put up during secondary school, with many of us not trained in dance, and our costumes hand sewn and dance choreographed through trials and error.

I was particularly impressed with the play Pull Up by the Drama Club. Unlike previous school plays I have watched, put up by students with poor diction and poor script, this original script explores the emotion of a pilot in the middle of a flight as he remembers his comrade who had perished in an accident during his time in the airforce. The result puts the flight in jeopardy. Clever sound system and polished acting, plus good costumes made this play current and heartfelt. Kudos to the teacher for the tight script. Comparatively, the play The Royal Dump, put up by the Alumni paled in comparison.

But the other Alumni who participated in other aspects showed me that age can contribute to a performance. CTAWE (photo above) brings a group of ex-band members together in a medley of tunes which we used to sing in school. Similarly, the Alumni dance team displayed poise and elegance in the numerous contemporary dances they put up.

I am sure the school is proud of its students and alumni for the concert last night. Well done Clementeens.


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