Hyde, Jekyll and Me – Korean Drama

I watched this romantic comedy with much anticipation, since my favourite actor Hyun Bin. Unfortunately, it was neither romantic nor did it elicit much laughter from me. In fact, I find myself drifting off to dreamland whenever I watched it. Yes, it is that bad, though through no fault of Hyun Bin, who gave one of his best performances.

Goo Seo Jin, CEO of Wonderland Amusement Park and heir (as usual) to the Wonder Group suffers from Multiple-personality disorder due to a kidnap incident when he was a child. He is mean and a coward, behaving irrationally and getting away with it just because he is the heir, much like the recent Korean Heiress incident. He meets Ha Na, owner of the circus group which performs in Wonderland and they both witnesses the kidnap of his psychiatrist, who was about to cure Seo Jin of his disorder.

Ha Na moves in with Seo Jin as she is in danger, and meets his altered personality, Robin, an artist who draws webtoon. He is sweet and saves her many times from the kidnapper. The kidnapper turns out to be Seo Jin’s childhood friend who was kidnapped together with him and he is out to seek revenge on Seo Jin for leaving him behind after he escaped.

When this misunderstanding is cleared and the kidnapper is behind bars, Ha Na learns the truth about Seo Jin and Robin, who she had thought were twins. She falls in love with Robin but he has to disappear for Se Jin to be cured. Thus the dilemma.

What I find most unrealistic is how Robin and Seo Jin alternates their appearance. Seo Jin appears in the day and when he goes to sleep, he wakes up as Robin in the night. Does that mean he doesn’t ever sleep 8 hours? And since Ha Na is always  around whenever Seo Jin or Robin is awake, that means she doesn’t sleep either?

Han Ji Min is a pretty actress but she is the most Korean actress I have ever watched. There is no sparks when she appears. Hyun Bin, on the other hand, is charming whether as Seo Jin or Robin, and we differentiate them by the swept-up or let down fringe.  Thus it’s funny that Seo Jin goes to bed with swept up fringe and wakes up with his fringe down if he is Robin or his hair still up if he remains as Seo Jin once awake.

The lack of credibility in this story, plus the lack of chemistry between the two leads, is what puts me to sleep throughout the 20 episodes.

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