Beauty and the Beast @ MBS

My sister said recently that I have always wanted to be a princess. She must be right, for how else can I explain why I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at MBS watching Disney’s musical Beauty and the Beast last night?

Thanks to my dear sis-in-law, who generously bought tickets for Mom, a neighbour and myself to a girls’ night out at what she had imagined to be “Opera night”, for she booked a box seat for the four of us, like those we often seen in opera houses in other countries, with a private area and an unblocked view. Unfortunately for us, the box seat at MBS is neither private nor unblocked. The box is situated at an awkward corner and the four office lobby chairs are rather low. So in order to see the full stage, one has to lean out of the balcony, literally sitting only one one butt cheek, which is no good for someone suffering from a glute injury. (So don’t ever buy box seats at MBS.)

I had seen this Disney movie, back when I still watched Disney movies, which I hadn’t in recent years. Thus I am familiar with the story line and some of the songs. Having watched Lion King twice (once in NY and once with the most expensive ticket at MBS) and thoroughly enjoyed it, I sort of knew the standard and fortunately, my poor seat did not mar my enjoyment.

The stage was grand, alternating between a European village with movable cardboard houses, and the dark gloomy castle belonging to the beast, cleverly designed with a few wrought iron stairways of various heights.

Belle is lovely, both in looks and voice. Her co-star, the vain Gaston, provided most of the comedy while he courted Belle. The Beast, even in his most heinous look and temper, was more like a panda and thoroughly lovable. So to see him lay dying after being stabbed by Gaston actually brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t want him to be transformed into the handsome prince in the end, preferring him to remain the beast.

The costumes were not as elaborate as Lion King but still noteworthy. The segment where the utensils danced were simply magnificent, the can-can girls a delight. And of course, what the little girls were all waiting for was the yellow gown Belle is so famous for.

I am so glad I didn’t miss the musical, which was half filled with mostly women audience last night. Yes, it’s every girl’s dream to want to be a princess, and for that three hours, my companions, our age ranging from late thirties and forties, early sixties and seventies, became little girls again.


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