Endless Nights in Aurora 极光之爱 – Movie review

This movie was shown as part of the Singapore Chinese Film Festival. The movie title elicits romance and I was pulled into it, and also that someone commented tissues needed to watch it.

People feel there is something romantic about Aurora. Having seen it at minus thirty degree temperature in Alaska, it’s nothing romantic sitting night after night waiting for that faint flicker of green glow in an unearthly hour of the morning (that is if you are even lucky). But don’t let me be the one to dispel your idea of romance, which we get from this movie, in a two romance for one movie package.

In a classic 80’s romance, Xiao Feng leaves behind her first love Bei Chuan, to marry an American in order to bring her terminally ill sister to USA for treatment. As a final gift to her love, she gives her virginity to Bei Chuan. (Girls, don’t ever to that. Pure stupidity.) He had plans to bring her around the world, especially to see the Aurora in Alaska. With her departure, he left alone for Alaska, heart broken.

His daughter, Alisha grows up in USA and returns to Taiwan with Xiao Feng when her American stepfather died in 9/11. She is in a relationship with a music producer, unaware of the adulation from her colleague, Xiao Kai. Alas, she discovers that her boyfriend was cheating on her on the same day that her mother died, her dream of visiting Alaska with her lover unfulfilled.

Throughout the movie, I had this feeling of watching a play. Somehow, the dialogues were unnatural, and the acting exaggerated. Perhaps it’s the slight pause in between dialogues, but I can’t exactly pinpoint what gave me that impression. Should there even be any difference transferring the play to screen? I have seen Hollywood film adaptation of musical and it worked just fine. But this is exactly what this movie is, an adaptation from a play, which was revealed at the end during the credits. The problem with this movie is the jarring obviousness of this.

I would love to watch the play though.


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