Tulipmania @ Gardens By The Bay

Photos of beautiful spring flowers such as this one are usually taken in countries like Holland or Japan. So if I tell you that this photo was taken in tropical Singapore, it would be quite un…un…unbelievable (Google this very popular Singapore song). For the past two years, Gardens by the Bay have been bringing in tulips during the late March to early May period. The Flower Dome, chilled to a low twenty-plus degree, is transformed into a tapestry of colours.

The beauty of this exhibit is the incorporation of fairy tales into the blooms. The centrepiece is the Hansel and Gretel cookie House with lovely garden. (Not edible, says the brochure, but the tulip is!)

Next to it, the ugly duckling, now transformed into a white swan, sits among blue hyacinths.

Then there is the majestic coach from Cinderella, the mirror from Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood herself, to bring us back to fairy tale land. The floral scent is at times overwhelming for me. Although named Tulipmania, there are many other blooms too, like my favourite Narcissus, blue bells and the odd roses and orchids.

We spent about 1.5 hours there, taking snapshots of every corner. At we exited the Flower Dome, we were given a stalk of tulip each. What a delightful surprise that was for us. As a permanent keepsake, other than your photos, you can find a paper tulip craft at the back of the brochure, which you can assemble into your own 3D bouquet.

It was an awesome way to spend a hot humid afternoon.

Tulipmania ends 10 May. So hurry down.


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