Healer – Korean Drama

At first, I didn’t like this drama. It was too clique, as if bits and parts were taken from other dramas to make up this show. I thought the show was merely the opportunity to show off two new stars.

Think about it. A enigmatic hero known as Healer disguised as a blundering reporter assistant, who falls in love with his colleague? Yes, the show is gracious enough to even mention the similarity to Superman.

Then there are scenes, where she walks alone, unaware of him walking parallel, watching her. How many times have we seen this shot? (I thought it was so romantic when I first watched it but now it’s copied so often I cringed.)

However, thanks to the super cute leading man Ji Chang Wook and lady Park Min Young, who deserving won the 2014 Best Couple award for KBS dramas, I was hooked to the development of their relationship (not the plot).

In case you are interested though, this is what happened. It starts with a photo of five friends, two of whom died in 1992 (sounds familiar? The mystery behind the people in a photo? I have seen it in another drama which I forgot the title. Remind me, please.). One of the man who died was accused of killing the other. Fast forward to now. The two dead men’s children are now grown and meet by chance.

Seo Jung Hoo is groomed by his master, one of the five in the photo, as Healer. He is aided by ex-detective, whose work on a master plot was squashed by corrupt politicians and now worked undercover. He meets Chae Young Shin, falls in love with her, not knowing that she is the daughter of the man his father had been accused of killing.

In uncovering the mystery behind their deaths, they discover the Boss, Omega Empire CEO who had been instigating all these. The couple join force to bring justice to the dead.

The chief technology star in the show is the Smart Glasses Healer wears, where he can take photos and send images, calculate distances and angles and do wonders against the enemy, which we know it’s possible, because the glasses has already been invented.

The two leads incidentally also won the popular male actor and excellent actress for this series in 2014 KBS drama award. So there are some good acting here despite them being so cute.

I enjoy it.


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