What Happens To My Family – Korean Drama

This is truly the best family drama I have watched on KBS. At 53 episodes, it comes on during dinner time on Saturdays and Sundays, making it difficult for me to catch it. So i made it a point to record it every weekend.

What makes a drama my favourite? It must have the following ingredients : Imperfect but lovable characters, a credible story line, and heart-warming moments. This drama has all the above and strikes a chord with me in every sense.

Cha Bong Soon, a widow, sells tofu to bring up his three children with the help of his sister. Like many parents, he spoils his kids and feels obligated to agree to any requests they want.

At 37, his single eldest daughter Gang Shim is the personal assistant (PA) to a conglomerate owner. She was jilted by lawyer Byeon Uttak and has since sworn off marriage. Her boss wants her to work for his son, Mun Tae Joo and hopefully turns him into a real man. The couple provides many hilarious moments.

Second son Gang Jae is a surgeon who is unscrupulous in his career climb, jilting his girlfriend, a fellow doctor at the hospital, to marry the spoilt daughter of the owner of the hospital, insofar as to agree to marry into the family and severing his ties with his family.

Youngest son Dal Bong dropped out of school but fails to make headway in anything he does. As the youngest, he is pampered by his older siblings, father and aunt.

One day, Seul, a young girl arrives from the village to look for Dal Bong, naively holding on to the promise of marriage he had given when she saved him from drowning once in their childhood, not realising that it was a prank played by Dal Bong’s friend, Eun Ho, once popular boy band member, who now regrets not giving his real name as he too is attracted to Seul.

Cha Bong Soon’s children goes about their own lives, neglecting spending time with their father, yet coming to him for money whenever they need it. When Cha Boon Soon is diagnosed with terminal illness, he decides to sue his children for all the money he has spent on them, unless they fulfill seven conditions.

The children is indignant at first, but the judge points out to them how unreasonable their behaviours are and demands that the children fulfill the father’s wishes. And in the process, the family becomes closer, but the children soon learn of their father’s secret illness, which by then, they decide that they will do all they can to make their father’s remaining days happy.

There are many characters in the dramas, all of whom are just as lovable and add to the flavour in their own ways. Most of the scenes are comical and laugh out loud funny, and yet there is this dread when you know the father will eventually die. Thank goodness the scene is heartbreaking but short, keeping the whole drama a feel-good show.

In the last episode, the family have to fulfill the seventh and last condition, which is to hold a singing contest. Cha wants to leave the family on a happy note singing, and not crying. His own song, however, was so sad I tear reading the subtitles:

Was it a long dream/Those years that have passed/I  walked for such a long time in the rough wind/If it was a dream, will it be forgotten in vain/I walk alone along/The path without answer/With green leaves budding/And birds sing in the fragrant fields/Those beautiful memory passed us by/If I still have some time left/I’ll fill this lonely night’s drink/Its glass to the brim/If it’s time for me to leave/I will kiss my last glass of night/If it was a long dream/how far have I come/I open the door and stand/And feel the cold breeze brushes by.

The show is available on Youtube, so watched it.


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  2. naomi says:

    so where is the script??

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