I Fine Thank You Love You – Movie review

As Bee was moving to Bangkok for work, I decided we might as well get her immersed by watching this Thai romantic comedy. Plus, this is the highest rated ‘popcorn’ score on the GV page.

I realise it’s been a long time since I’ve watched a comedy when I was taken by surprise by the loud laughter erupting in the movie hall as soon as the movie started.

I thought Thai are good only for horror movies (which I don’t watch) but the two romantic comedies I had watched proved that they are just as good, if not better than Hollywood.

Gym is a maintenance engineer  in a Japanese company who has just been dumped by his Japanese colleague who had moved to US. He doesn’t speak English or Japanese and she can’t speak Thai. The only language of common is SEX. He is devastated as he had made a pledge to treat a woman as best as he can. So he decides to sit for an interview conducted by the company for the next US secondment.

He engages English tutor Pleng, who was the person tasked to inform him of the breakup in exchange for a branded handbag, to teach him English. Frightened by his thuggish behaviour, she agrees. Pleng is courted by rich businessman and she is flattered, until she realises that it is Gym who has stolen her heart.

And he steals ours too, by his little gestures, like secretly fanning away mosquitoes under the table, breaking off her other heels so can can still wear her shoes, and the way he pronouces the alphabet H.

All the actors/actresses have comical moments, including the two leads, which they do so without being self-conscious. So you get laugh out loud moments every other minute. Slapstick, witty conversations, hilarious situations, you can’t help feeling good leaving the cinema hall at the end.

See the shorts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoFNUxnPQXE


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