Siam Kitchen – A review

My friend suggested lunch at Bukit Panjang Plaza where she was having her yoga class nearby. It’s not crowded, she had assured me when I expressed concern about the lunch hour crowd. She was right.  There was no crowd even during lunch hours.

There are many new restaurants in this mall which she claimed are new additions. As she is a non-beef eater, we skipped the shabu shabu restaurant. Twelve chef had very uncomfortable seats and we had to self order, so we went to Siam Kitchen, a halal Thai restaurant. Usually I avoid Thai restaurants due to the small portions and this restaurant is no exception.

For starter, we ordered Mango Salad.

Mango Salad $8.50

Mango Salad $8.50

I found the seasoning a little salty and would prefer the mango a little finer.

There were a few choices of Tom Yum soup, either clear, red or milky. The thing about me is when give choices, I cannot never make up my mind and so we left it to the staff to recommend and he suggested the Red Tom Yum Soup.

Red Tom Yum Soup  $8.90

Red Tom Yum Soup $8.90

Although alarmingly red, the spiciness was just right. What it lacks is the heat to keep the soup hot. The ingredients of prawns and mushrooms were generous.

I wanted green curry chicken and the staff told us it came with rice. What he failed to mention was that this is part of a set and thus the curry is meant for one.

Green Curry Chicken set $10.90

Green Curry Chicken set $10.90

An order of mix vegetable comprising of carrot and cabbage stir-fried with oyster sauce completed our meal.

Mixed Vegetables $8.90

Mixed Vegetables $8.90

We could have ordered desserts but we totally forgot and the staff left us in peace for three hours while we chatted without asking us.

We had ordered an extra bowl of rice ($1.20) but in the end we packed that home.

This is quite a good place for reasonable priced Thai meal (Total $45.20 including ++) but I shan’t bring my family there as the portion is way too small for them. I would also suggest the restaurant considers serving the soup in claypot or hotpot to preserve the heat. Cold Tom Yum just doesn’t taste good.


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  1. Learning to eat in small portion is good. King Pasenadi used to eat too much and felt sleepy during lectures/talk. His spiritual leader convinced him that less is more AND more is less. He took to the advice and slowly come to one-sixteenth (yes, not just half or a quarter) of his original portion size. And then he understood why less is actually more.

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