Poison Ivy@ Bollywood Veggies

Up north in modern Singapore, there is a rural farming community where my family and I will drive up once in a blue moon. While there, where cafes and restaurants are scarce, we will drop by the one cafe we know, called Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy is owned by a loud woman who used to be my opposite neighbour when I lived in the East. She retired to be a farmer and Poison Ivy uses the organic vegetables in her farm.

We were there on 2 January for lunch, after an excursion to the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves. Ivy was there for her own family’s gathering and greeted us warmly, as she does to most of the customers there.

We took our time to order, and the long time staff who took our order was this stern middle-aged woman who reminded me of an army sergeant who barked when we enquired something a second time. Her defensive response to our questions made me weary of asking anything.

We were all starving and I was dismayed at the portion of the food.


The warrior platter for four ($40) was more a sampler dish for the specialties here. (It includes four small serving of rice). We enjoyed the crispy moringa tempura and the wings. The curry chicken had a fragrant spice. The rest – tofu, cauliflower and fish is commonly found in home-cooked meals.

We ordered the Bringal (egg plants) $13 (?) and it was presented in an omelette style, which my friend said is how her Filipina helper makes it too.


My friend wanted to try the fish and chips ($5) only to realise its a kid’s portion.

The desserts menu looks tempting and so we decided to order a few to share.  (The receipt has no description or breakdown. So i guess my four desserts cost $18.)


There was a full concensus that the sago gula melaka was too sweet to be consumed and we wondered if the chef has tried tasting it before?

The banana cake, eaten on its own is also sweet but when  consumed with ice cream is quite enjoyable.

My son found the jelly lime very refreshing and proved to be perfect end to cleanse the sweetness from the sago.


With drinks (6 various types for $12), GST and service charge, our lunch for 6 came to $99.50. We walked out of the restaurant, our hunger just sated but not filled. A good thing.


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