Blade Man – Korean Drama

This is the most ridiculous drama I have watched on KBS prime time and the situation is deteriorating. It is obvious that the script writers cannot decide if they want the show to be a superhero type or melodrama type.

Blade Man (better than the other known title Iron Man, lest it confuses the audience with the Hollywood Iron Man) is very much like The Incredible Hulk – he turns into a freak when he is angry, which happens quite a lot. The freak he becomes, is not because of some scientific experiments gone wrong, like Spiderman or the Hulk, but the pain in his heart is so sever, blades (like knives) emerged from his back like a porcupine under threat. His poor loyal butler/personal assistant not only has to bear the brunt of his temper, but subject himself to stabs and cuts to save his master, all because his master saved his dying sister by donating his bone marrow.

Joo Hong Bin, the CEO of a game company, loses his love when his father forbids their romance and kills her, incurring his wrath that whenever he sees his father, he erupts in anger turns into Blade Man with superpower, except that his uses his power destructively.

He meets kind-hearted Son Se Dong and friends, a group of game creators and offers them a job in his company, and for Se dong to babysit the son he just discovers. All should be well except suddenly, his finds that the love he thinks is dead is actually alive but suffering from an illness which can kill her anytime. Hence she makes the painful decision to deliver their son to him. He realises he doesn’t love the mother, but Se Dong, but Se Dong pities the mother, and leaves him.

So what exactly is the objective behind him turning into Blade Man? I am confused as well. Of course, he ends up happily with Se Dong, who has no idea of his freakish nature. Beware she doesn’t make him angry.

What puzzles me in the show, is the purpose of other characters. Why would Se Dong, albeit a nice girl, only surrounds herself with a group of boys who rally around her? (Is this KBS plot to promote some boys group?) Who is Hong Bin’s housekeeper, who in this millennium, still dresses in black long skirt with a white apron around her waist?

Can anyone shed some light?

Finally, the only thing I enjoy is the beautiful sound track in the drama.


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