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Slender Matrix (Spa) – A review

We just celebrated my friend’s big 50th. I treated her to lunch and she treated me to a facial which she clearly felt I needed. Despite having spa packages all over the island,  she purchased yet another one. For the … Continue reading

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Lawry’s The Prime Rib – Great birthday lunch experience

I have been to the restaurant a few times in the last couple of years. I like the decor, the service and the general atmosphere; a fusion of posh – from the chandelier, velvet seats to the waitress’s nursing cap, … Continue reading

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Siam Kitchen – A review

My friend suggested lunch at Bukit Panjang Plaza where she was having her yoga class nearby. It’s not crowded, she had assured me when I expressed concern about the lunch hour crowd. She was right.  There was no crowd even … Continue reading

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Poison Ivy@ Bollywood Veggies

Up north in modern Singapore, there is a rural farming community where my family and I will drive up once in a blue moon. While there, where cafes and restaurants are scarce, we will drop by the one cafe we know, … Continue reading

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Blade Man – Korean Drama

This is the most ridiculous drama I have watched on KBS prime time and the situation is deteriorating. It is obvious that the script writers cannot decide if they want the show to be a superhero type or melodrama type. … Continue reading

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Picnic @ Istana

There are some who think I Facebook too much and too often. But they don’t realise there are tangible rewards that I receive from it. Firstly, the friend who hosted me in Taipei is someone I got to know via Facebook. … Continue reading

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Reflections of 2014

Last Sunday was my family’s annual goal setting day. Before the start of the session, I asked everyone to reflect what was great about 2014 for each member. (Forget about the frustrations and negatives, as Ajahn Brahm advises.) I told … Continue reading

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