My Lovely Girl – Korean Drama

I must say Rain’s acting has become more mature. He would make a perfect leading man given the correct role. Unfortunately this drama didn’t do him justice.

Talented song writer Hyun Wook’s girlfriend met with a fatal accident while she was with him, killing her instantly. He loses his ability to write song but inherited his father’s talent agency.

He meets Yoon Se Na and discovers that she is the sister of his late girlfriend, making this the suspense for the whole drama – she cannot find out that he is her sister’s boyfriend. This wooden storyline, with a wooden actress, fails terribly. Krytal Jung, as Yoon Se Na is so terrible as an actress she makes the rest of the cast, like her roommate, shines.

I am always amazed when watching a drama which shows the leading lady has no one to turn to except this very good friend who allows her to bunk in with her and her boyfriend. She must have very low EQ to not feel uncomfortable being the lamp post.

This drama relies on this very cute but ill Golden Retriever to create opportunities for the two mains to meet often. After all, how many coincidences can you make for them to meet suddenly.

Then, let’s not forget the villain, who is jealous of Hyun Wook and wants to destroy him. So what’s his weapon? He found out that the girl Wook likes is the sister of his dead girlfriend!

On the whole, there is nothing lovely about the show nor the girl. Skip it. (Yes, I watched until the very end, where she left him after finding out the secret and then returns to him.)

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