Doctor Stranger – Korean Drama

This medical drama captivated me from the first episode, and I mistakenly thought that the lead actor is the same lead as ‘My Love from the Star.’ I have a problem. I cannot differentiate most of the young actors and actresses in Korean dramas, unless they have a particular quirk, like Rain with his small thick lid eyes but very nice lips, or Lee Min Ho, too handsome.

Park Hoon was a young boy when he accompanied his cardiac surgeon father to North Korea to treat the North Korean President. Unknown to them, this was a plot by the Medical hospital owner and the Vice President of S Korea. The former wanted the surgeon away so that he could not be a witness in a  hospital malpractice court case, and the latter to plan a takeover of the presidency with the help of N Korea. In effect, the North has no plan of returning the pair to the South,

Park Hoon grew to be a talented surgeon, and fell in love with Song Jae Hee. When his father was killed, he escaped back to the South with the help of his father’s colleague and unknowingly become employed in the hospital his father used to work for. Oh Soo Hyun, the director’s illegitimate daughter, felt attracted to him even as she is courted by the heir apparent chosen by her father, Han Jae Joon. But here is the twist, Han Jae Joon is actually the son of the victim in the malpractice case and is back to revenge.

Park Hoon proves his worth despite being looked down upon by his colleague for being from the North. He happens to meet anesthetist Han Seung Hee who bears a striking resemblance to his love Song Jae Hee. They are in fact the same person, she is here to help the VP to get rid of the President.

Park Hoon and Jae Joon are pitted against each other many times in a competition to see who wins. Isn’t it unethical to treat patient’s lives as a competition? Also, in a heart operation, isn’t time critical? Yet we see precious minutes wasted as the doctors bicker. Perhaps I am taking TV too seriously?

Park Hoon is caught between Jae Hee and Soo Hyun but I felt Soo Hyun is clearly the better choice for him. She brings out the humour and fun-loving side of him and a marriage made of laughter is often more successful than one which is dragged of burden and baggage, like that of Jae Hee.

Tell me if you agree?


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