Wang’s Family – Korean Drama

This 50-episodes KBS drama was shown over Channel U recently and my brother said it crossed over 50% viewership in Korea. I can see why, for the endearing cast truly bring across every day Korean melodrama without any evil plots. It’s just a feel good drama, if ever there is one in the history of Korean dramas. (Actually there is. What’s happening to my family, now showing on KBS is just as good.)

Wang’s family tells of the Wang’s household headed by Vice Principal Wang and his family, consisting of his mother, younger bachelor brother Wang Don, wife, four daughters and one young son.  When you have so many females in the house, there are bound to be problems.

Eldest daughter Soo Bak, a formal beauty queen finalist is a materialistic tai tai living the high life until her husband, Go Min Joong, becomes a bankrupt and she finds herself detesting everything about him. She has an affair with an old love and is conned by him, losing the Wang’s family house.

Second daughter Ho Bak got married to her Uncle Wang Don‘s best friend because of an unwanted pregnancy. Hardworking and kind, she is disliked by her mother for being another girl. She spends all her time trying to earn extra income and saving hard because her husband, Se Dal  is a spoilt brat who doesn’t work. He meets  a hotel heiress and wants to divorce Ho Bak.

Third daughter Gwang Bak resigned from her teaching job to be a writer. She meets high school graduate Choi Sang Nam but their love is frowned upon by both families, he for not being a graduate, and she for some misunderstandings with his father.

Poor VP Wang, despite all the tribulation in the family, continues to be optimistic, absorbing his divorced eldest daughter back to the family even as she loses the family house, and continuing to support his younger brother even after Wang Don got married from an unwanted pregnancy.

Like any family, there are quibbles and squabbles, but there is never any ill intentions and evil plots you see in other dramas. Grandma Wang, after witnessing so many, has this funny phrase: even the Korean War is not worse than this.

The true frustration in the drama comes from the prejudices society have in general. Eg Mother Wang’ s unequal treatments she gives to her daughters. Or how the family view the eligibility of a man based on his education level. You dislike the vain Soo Bak and how she treats her husband. All these may be happening around us and I can certainly identify with many.

Highly recommended.


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