Adonis (Jurong East) Facial Review

Certain industries have been in the bad press lately and beauty spa is one of them. However, I thought I should give credit when it’s due.

My friend and I attended the Lady’s Fair at MBS in October and signed up for a free ‘lucky draw’ with free facial and luggage bag (soft case) thrown in. You know when a deal is too good to be true but my friend was familiar with Adonis and was sure the offer was genuine. The most we would have to sit through a sale pitch, she said. And so, like a meek lamb, I followed suit and put my name on the draw.

Yesterday, we decided to make use of the free facial at Adonis located at Jurong East. The manager did a quick scan on my face, pointing out my dark spots, as well as my oily and clogged t-zone, even though I just had a facial 10 days ago. She noted my tired eye bags and my syringoma, and suggested I top up an eye-chakra at S$49, which she would throw in a facial lymphatic massage and a mask. I agreed.

Mandy was my therapist and she was very professional. I liked the individual treatment room with its individual air-conditioning which Mandy was concerned might be too strong for me.

My treatment started with a foot soak in lavender water while I lay down. She was very detailed in explaining the in-house products that she used, with the cleanser and peeling gel and the cool mist which  she claimed was more gentle. The product that they use would loosen any clogs in my pores.

She then tidied my brows, complimenting me on them. Next, she did extraction, which I found her more thorough than my current spa. The eye chakra consisted of a product with massage, which would reduce the eye bags. Then it’s her wonderful lymphatic facial massage, which her firm strokes kneaded and soothed.

Finally, she gave me a mask all the way to my neck.

For a trial that cost me S$49 including GST, it was well worth to sit through the sales pitch at the end which I regretfully declined to purchase the four figure package. But I am seriously thinking of transferring to Adonis when my current package at Orchard ends, for my friend also sang praise of her therapist.


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