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My Lovely Girl – Korean Drama

I must say Rain’s acting has become more mature. He would make a perfect leading man given the correct role. Unfortunately this drama didn’t do him justice. Talented song writer Hyun Wook’s girlfriend met with a fatal accident while she was … Continue reading

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Doctor Stranger – Korean Drama

This medical drama captivated me from the first episode, and I mistakenly thought that the lead actor is the same lead as ‘My Love from the Star.’ I have a problem. I cannot differentiate most of the young actors and actresses … Continue reading

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Wang’s Family – Korean Drama

This 50-episodes KBS drama was shown over Channel U recently and my brother said it crossed over 50% viewership in Korea. I can see why, for the endearing cast truly bring across every day Korean melodrama without any evil plots. … Continue reading

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Singapore Noir – by various authors

Okay. I admit I have never heard of the genre Noir. I looked up the meaning and learn that Noir is a genre of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity. It’s no wonder I have never heard … Continue reading

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Aches and Pains

I thought I was doing well physically, alternating between twice weekly runs and twice weekly yoga. I was doing so well as my flexibility improved with my new yoga teacher from India, whose one to one teaching ensured that I did … Continue reading

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G-One Restaurant and Bar

It’s my wedding anniversary and Hubby and I decided it’s an occasion to splurge. Mike left the decision to me and I wanted to try Omakase. However the good ones are really expensive. I came across many good review on … Continue reading

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Adonis (Jurong East) Facial Review

Certain industries have been in the bad press lately and beauty spa is one of them. However, I thought I should give credit when it’s due. My friend and I attended the Lady’s Fair at MBS in October and signed … Continue reading

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