Taiwan 2014 Shi men Reservoir 石门水库


I am typing this real time on a boat  cruise at Shi men reservoir石门水库,  where Taipei city gets the water supply from.

The reservoir is surrounded by mountains. On this cloudy morning,  the  silhouette of layers shrouded in mist is like one Chinese ink painting.

The captain is a small thin man, tanned by years working here. His teeth are rotten by a beetal chewing habit popular by most boatmen here. Cheeky and flirtatious,  he charms the women with his jokes as he steers.

Like how he describes these mountains as Double Breasts hill 二奶山, pointing out the valley in between as the career line事业线, a derogatory  term used to described women who dressed provocatively to get promoted.


Urged by my friends to go behind the steer,  I approached him hesitantly,  only to be asked, why are you staring at me? I am a married man.

The tour takes us to Jiang Mu island姜母岛, literally translated as Ginger Mother island, where islanders sells fragrant wooden products and snacks to tourists. On this island is also a small popular temple housing the Earth God.


After 30 minutes,  we are back on board for our 40 minutes return journey. Next,  lunch serving the specialty here: 大头鲢 fish that is only found in this reservoir.



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