Eric Moo in Concert 巫启贤”我的新谣时代”演唱会

I’ve heard his story many times, every time I attend his concert in Singapore, which is almost 90%. Yet time after time, I buy tickets to his concert so I can hear it again, never tired of, like that familiar tale in your childhood story book that you want to be read to again and again. And that’s the feeling I get when I go to Eric Moo’s concert, familiar, intimate and nostalgic.

Last night’s concert traced his career from Xinyao in JJC. To my companions, his classmates in JJC, last night’s concert probably evoked more feelings as he recounted his days studying in an unknown junior college that became famous because of Eric Moo. His group, MRT, held sold out concerts and profited from song booklets sold. Last night, five of them were there in the audience and three went on stage to recapture the magic of their short singing career as a group.

Eric Moo has always been sentimental and this was obvious as he thanked everyone who had helped chart his singing and song writing career. From his teachers and his bandmates at Hwa Chong, to his JJC friends, his friends and even his pet dogs. He recounted the surreal experience of him receiving a phone call from superstar Liu Wen Zheng, their meeting at level 38 of then Westin Hotel which sealed his career, but not before the distributor in Taiwan rejected his first two singles.

On stage last night supporting him were Roy Li and his younger brother Allen Moo. But they only sang a few songs. Eric Moo helmed the 3.5 hour concert throughout without rest, a mark of a true superstar. At one stage, he sang non-stop for 10 minutes the excerpts of  his hits.

A thoroughly enjoyable part of last night was when he made the audience stand and belted out together Liu Wen Zheng’s songs as a tribute to his mentor.

Eric Moo’s concert is heartwarming as he often let his audience sing to his guitar accompaniment, and his audience never disappoint, filling the concert hall with the sounds of chorus singing.

As his concert ended, his voice choked, his eyes teared as he thanked his audience. He said that he held every of his concerts as though it was his last, and it’s evident the effort he put into it. The only moment I was ever uncomfortable was when I winced when he thanked God and said Amen on stage, but that was forgiven at the end as his lonely figure stood on stage bowing, long after the band members had departed.


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