Law of Attraction?

Many years ago, I learned about the Law of Attraction from books such as The Secret and many other similarly titled by authors hoping to jump on the band wagon. I even paid to attend a workshop by a company which has since closed down. Needless to say, the appreciation booklet that was meant to help me practise has stayed untouched. I attribute this to a phase in my life when everything is smooth and there is nothing much I need to attract. The boys have passed major examinations and life is generally peaceful. Still, the law hasn’t really worked for me, not when I await lucky draw prizes during events, or any other times.

I am constantly reminded by my other half whenever I complained about huge expense and how we cannot afford, and he would ask, “What happen to your law of attraction?” Or when he manages to find a parking space in a busy mall during peak hours and he would thank his law of attraction.

Last night, I had a meeting with a writer’s agent at Arab Street area, a place notorious for the lack of parking. Despite giving me an hour, I only managed to reach there at 5 minutes to my meeting. My intention of giving myself at least 15 minutes to wait out in a parking lot was jeopardized, not to mention dinner. So while driving, I decided to practise the law, by imagining my car sliding into the parallel parking lot in front of the Arts Centre at Aliwal Road, which had never ever happened.

As I drove into Aliwal Road, the parallel parking on both sides were full. A van in front managed to get a lot as a car moved out. That’s it lah, I thought. That van just took away my attraction. My car was stuck in front of the Arts Centre as another car in front waited for one to exit a space. Another space gone. Then, next to me, a driver got into his car. I reversed and slid into my parking lot, right in front of the Arts Centre.

The law works! Perhaps it’s meant to work in such a way that rewards you by taking away the tiny frustrations of every day life, and not by the leaps and bounds which would alter your life by letting you win a BMW in a contest. Unless I am proven wrong again?


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