Discovery of Love – Korean Drama

This show ended on KBS 115 recently. I was surprised it was on prime time, and I surmise it’s because of Eric, the lead who helms the drama. The show is tiring to watch and I only finish it so I that I can justify that my conclusion is right. Of course you may disagree. This is after all my review.

First of all, the number of coincidences in the movie is unbelievable. I agree that there should be a couple, for that special meeting, or that misunderstanding to occur. But this show tops it all. Added to that is the usual scenes clique to Korean dramas, like washing of quilts in tubs. How is that even remotely romantic beats me. Thank goodness there is no ‘stuck on the island and the ferry has left’ scene, only because the three people in the triangular relationship have already slept together and done that, which is highly unusual and liberal for Koreans.

Han Yeo Reum, a furniture maker, broke off a 5-year relationship with builder Kang Tae Ha 5 years ago. Now in a relationship with plastic surgeon Nam Ha Jin, she meets Kang Tae Ha and he discovers that he is still carrying a torch for her. She, however, is still angry that he didn’t answer her call when she found her father dead, even though they had already broken up. He pursues her and she wavers, jeopardizing her relationship with Nam. Nam himself has a secret. Adopted from an orphanage, he has been suffering from guilt for abandoning his friend Arim and has been trying to locate her by the scar on her arm. He finds her and realises that she has been looking for him as well but she does not know that this doctor who is so kind to her is the one as he has changed his name.

Nam sees Han and Kang together ever so often, and Han sees Nam with Arim. Han and Nam try not to misunderstand each other but the trust is not there. This situation plays on for the full 15 episodes, with the audience in the dark as to who Han will end up with. For once, I hope she does not end up with anyone, and they all die, which is rather popular in many k-dramas. But of course not, and it is not difficult to guess who she ends up with as the male lead is so popular.

So, you can skip this show if you want. I hope the one starring Rain on SBS now will be an improvement.


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