Temptation – Korean Drama

Over ten years after they made the very popular Stairway to Heaven, Kwong Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo reunite to make this drama. The plot, which sounded vaguely similar in the first episode to Hollywood movie Basic Instinct, is anything but. (This is Korea prime time TV!)

Cha Suk Hoon is facing bankruptcy and brings his wife  Na Hong Joo to Hong Kong to try to recover the money from his partner. They learn that his partner has committed suicide leaving them with US$3000 and decide to have a holiday instead before returning to Korea to face the buck. They move to a luxurious hotel and he persuades the retailer to sell his wife the one and only branded pair of shoes which have been reserved.

Na Hong Joo, unable to face the prospect of the bankruptcy, goes to the beach intending to drown herself but she is saved by Yoo Se Young. Yoo, a powerful career woman, has just completed a business deal in Hong Kong and is forced to remain in Hong Kong to rest. She learns of the couple’s plight and offers Cha US$1 million to remain in Hong Kong with her for three days.

He accepts despite his wife’s unhappiness. At this point, everyone, including the audience is thinking about Basic Instinct but Yoo has other plans. She intends to work and since her personal assistant has returned to Korea, she is merely hiring Cha to replace him.

In the meantime in Hong Kong, Na meets a little boy Roy, who is the illegitimate son of Kang Min Woo. Kang Min Woo employs Na as a baby sitter to Roy back in Korea while Cha went to work for Yoo. This arrangement creates misunderstanding between Na and Cha and they divorce. Na marries Kang Min Woo, as both want revenge for Yoo. Marriage based on revenge is bound to fail and Kang reverts to his philandering ways.

Yoo, whom everyone thinks will never fall in love, falls for Cha, to her father’s disapproval. But everything prevails and they end up happy.

I watched to the end despite the many flaws in the drama. To think that Na, portrayed as kind and gentle, marries someone just for revenge is quite unrealistic. Cha, who professes to love Na, falls too easily for Yoo, or perhaps money does have its attraction? And to think Cha manages to fall in love with two infertile women, what’s the odds for that in real life? Yoo, who was portray as a strong career woman in the first episode, is after all still a puppet under her father’s control, who kicks her out of the company because she falls in love with the wrong guy. At her age, wouldn’t he be glad to see her married at all? Cha is Yoo’s corporate knight in shining armour and could solve all her problems. One wonders how Yoo succeeded in her career before Cha’s arrival in her life and how Cha failed, since he is so brilliant.

Oh well, as Grandma will say, it’s all only for show.

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