Angel Eyes – Korean Drama

I am in a writer’s mentor programme and last week, my mentor said my second chapter drags. She advised me to only put down on writing things that bring the story forward. I see what what meant when I watch this drama. In my opinion, this drama could have wrapped up in nicely in 16 episodes instead of dragging to 20 episodes. There is even an episode where it devotes half of it to counterfactual thinking.

Counterfactual thinking, I read on last Saturday’s Strait’s Times, is ubiquitous in real life and reel life. It occurs when we regret doing something – “if only I have….” or “if only I haven’t …..”

Despite this, the drama is watchable because it features my favourite Korean actress Koo Hye Sun. The male lead Lee Seng Yoon, at 185cm, has the male charisma that is unlike the other pretty Korean male actors. Even the two younger leads, who dominated the first few episodes, were very watchable and I hope I see them in future dramas.

Park Dong Joo, son of a firefighter becomes the man of the house when his father died trying to save Yoon Soo Wan in a car accident in a tunnel.  His sister is sick and needs a transplant in the US. He helps his mother deliver porridge in the wee early morning and yet still is top in class. Yoon Soo Wan becomes blind in the accident and lives with her surgeon father.  The young couple meet and fall in love.

One day, Dong Joo is sick and his mother Jung Hwa delivers the porridge on bicycle and meets with a hit and run accident. She is saved until Soo Wan’ s father, the surgeon realises that she has listed that she wants to donate her eyes to Soo Wan. So while trying to resusitate her, he hesitated and is seen by a colleague. She dies and the colleague blackmails him. Soo Wan regains her sight but loses Dong Joo.

Dong Joo leaves for the US for his sister’s transplant after his mother’s death. There he meets the surgeon who grooms him into an outstanding doctor. Six years later, he returns to Korea as Dylan and sees Soo Wan, now a paramedic. She has a boyfriend Kang Ji Woon, son of the hospital director. Soo Wan and Dong Joo reconcile but is opposed by the guilty surgeon. They find out he was the cause of Jung Hwa’s death and Soo Wan is now filled with guilt and decides to break off the relationship.

However, there are more that the couple don’t know about as the villain behind it all has it all planned. Soo Wan  loses her sight from physiological trauma, runs away and Dong Joo meets with an accident. How much more can fate test this couple?

The lessons one takes away from this drama are that the people whom society hold in high moral regards can be bad –  doctors can kill to protect their offsprings, and that commissioner of police can also kill to protect himself. Very worrying for Korean society like that.


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