Lovers of Music – Korean Drama

This just ended on KBS. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this light-hearted romantic comedy. Perhaps it because I was taking a Korean Drama hiatus and to watch this brought forth a refreshing insight as to why I enjoy Korean dramas versus Taiwanese, HK, China or local Singaporean dramas.

Choi Choon Hee grew up in her late mother’s trot singing, a unique Korean type of singing that combines traditional nasal tones and contemporary beats. She joins a singing competition and is put under the mentor ship of Jang Joon Hyun by a talent company. He reluctantly agrees to the task so as to re-launch his pop career after a disastrous scandal. Her kindness and humility attracts her to the boss’s son, Jo Geun Woo. Park Soo In is the first love of Joon Hyun but prefers Guen Woo. Her mother, a formal singer and director of the talent company plots to make her daughter to be the top star.

Unknown to all, Choon Hee’s mother had died in a car accident and her father is still searching for the driver of the car. Soo In’s mother, Geun Woo’s father and Joon Hyun’s mother were all from the same company and they are all somehow related to her death.

Would this affect Choon Hee’s and Joon Hyun’s relationship? 

I don’t know if the actress Jung Eun Ji as Choon Hee sang all the Trots song in the show, for if she did, she is indeed talented. The songs were catchy and enjoyable, one reason why I enjoyed watching the drama.




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