Here Comes Mr Oh – Korean Drama

There are period of a day when I am a captive audience to a TV program whether I like it or not. Sometimes it is a torture, like when Love was showing nightly and I was subjected to “我问天” from Monday to Sunday at 7pm; or when I am in my in-laws house on Saturday and had to sit through three hours of Night Market Life. Thankfully, my mother has swiched to watching Korean dramas for Ch U and the recent series is quite captivating. 

Here Comes Mr Oh is a familiar family drama using the tried and tested formula of good versus evil. 

Oh Ja Ryong, unknown to himself, is the adopted son of the Oh family, living with his paternal grandmother, his parents and a younger brother. With no degree and  no family connection, he strives to make a living doing odd job and is never successful until he went into the food industry. There he meets his future wife Gong Joo (meaning Princess), the  younger daughter of AT Group. Her sister Jin Joo is forced to give up her love to marry the man of her mother’s choice, Yong Suk. The mother, Baek Ro, is classmates to both Yong Suk’s mother and Ja Ryong’s mother and her treatment to each is different, according to the wealth and status, something Gong Joo finds tasteless and shallow. 

Yong Suk leaves his pregnant girlfriend Mali to marry Jin Joo, and plots to take over AT Group. Unfortunately for him, his wife is infertile and wants to adopt a baby from the orphanage. He decides to get back with Mali and persuades Mali to let him and Jin Joo adopt the son, so that the son can be the rightful heir to AT.

He also sabotaged Ja Ryong’s attempt to penetrate AT group with his business plan but that was thwarted by Gong Joo’s defense of  Ja Rong, and they eventually marries despite initial disapproval by her parents,

The drama charts the evil plots of the mother and son team against AT and Ja Rong, and how Ja Rong overcomes all the obstacles through sheer determination, compassion and kindness and strokes of good luck.

Behind every successful man is a woman, and in this case, behind every evil one is also a woman. The show seems to attribute Yong Suk’s wickedness to his mother, even though to me, his mother, though conniving, appears silly at times. It’s difficult to imagine there is no sense of moral compass in Yong Suk until the last episode. 

This drama might be predictable, but it’s exactly this predictability that endears itself to me.



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