Magic In The Moonlight – Movie Review

Despite the not so great review from ST Life!, Bee and I decided to watch the movie. How could one expect a male critic to enjoy romantic comedy with no actions.

Written and directed by Woody Allen, the plot and script were clever and the dialogues witty. But there was a slight mismatch in the pairing of the couple. Colin Firth, whom I have enjoyed and the ideal British man of romance, at 53, is more than twice the age of co-star and on-screen love interest,  Emma Stone at 25. 

Set in 1929 in the South of France, the beautiful coast and luxurious chateaus provide the beautiful backdrop that is the setting of this story. Stanley Crawford is a British magician famous for his performance as a Chinese magician Wei Lin Soo. He is an arrogant atheist who has debunked many mediums and spiritualists as fraud, until he meets the beautiful Sophie. Sophie has no trouble describing Stanley, and even manages to identify him as Wei Lin Soo. He is astonished and looks for ways to expose her.

She is courted by a millionaire and promised a life of luxury. For a girl growing up in dire situation in Missouri, it is an opportunity of a life time but she finds herself falling for Stanley, incredulous as the situation is, for there is nothing attractive at all about him.

She finally convinces him that she is the real thing who can read the past and the future and has the ability to call on spirits when she narrates the origin of a necklace belonging to Stanley’s Aunt, He decides to call a press conference to admit his mistakes and to resign to the idea that there is more mystery in the universe than he has been certain about.

Although the movie is full of dialogues (as in previous Woody Allen’s films), the pace and tempo is quick as the story moves along to develop the relationship and see the change in a rational man who has fallen in love. Bee and I love the ending, which brought a smile to our face as we exited the cinema.

Incidentally, the movie reminds me of a medium I met in 1999. She was a paraplegic from Myanmar, and convinced us of her power by reading out the serial number of the $10 note in my wallet. I wasn’t even sure if I had a $10 bill in my wallet then. She also managed to identify the name of my hubby and his job. She read my fortune and that of my family. I was expected to continue in my career but I retired soon after meeting her, so I am still waiting for that career to materialise. But I hope the bright future she had predicted for my kids come true.

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