Big Mama Korean Food

The K-waves that invaded Singapore included stars, cosmetics, dramas, songs as well as food. One can find Korean food in any foodcourts and Korean restaurants are dotted around the island. The standard of the restaurants vary. I have been to some very good ones and some terrible ones. I pick those restaurants by their variety of side dishes and the generosity which they replenish them. One restaurant told us refills are chargeable and I immediately struck them off my to-visit again list.

My Aunt swears by this restaurant located at Tiong Bahru. When I heard the location, I was reluctant, as parking there is notoriously difficult but I was told parking is available at the multi-storey HDB carpark a short distance away.

Unlike Chinese restaurants with big tables, most non-BBQ Korean restaurants do not cater for large crowd in the small premise. So we were squeezed into what was more suited for 4 people. There were other tables available to join-up but the waitress were adamant that we remained at our table.

My peeve with the lunch that day was that they only serve water and no tea. Luckily the side dishes made up for it. I was pleased to see japchae and lotus root, something rare. Refills were obliged readily.


There was no set lunches and everything is ala carte order. 

My Aunt loves the Kimchi Soup. To differentiate from her, I ordered the seafood soup. 


After removing the prawns and chunky tofu, there wasn’t much soup left. I asked for more soup which was refused and so I told them to add more hot water instead. The waitress advised against it as that would dilute the soup. By hey, there wasn’t much soup to talk about in the first place and I assured them I didn’t mind. The diluted soup was in fact less spicy for me and I finished every drop.

My son ordered the Bimbimbap and was disappointed that it was only served with vegetables. So to make up for it, we ordered Samgyupsal Suyuk, a boiled belly pork dish that is eaten with various dips and vegetables. At $25, I was not impressed. The bimbimbap I was told was delicious.


The rest of my companions stuck to the common dishes of saba fish and Bulgogi. Other tables had boiling hotpots on their tables but we were afraid that it may be too spicy for the kids.

With so many Korean restaurants around, I very much doubt I will go back. But since this restaurant was listed top in one website, you may just want to give it a try.


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