The Sound of Music @ MBS

I love watching Sound of Music (SOM) ever since I was a child, and have seen it many times. I caught the stage show in Singapore (I think starring Marie Osmond) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I could know the lyrics to most songs and there is always one to sing to whenever an occasion arises: Climb every mountain when I am scaling Mount Kinabalu; Do Re Mi to my nieces and nephews, and I am Sixteen going on Seventeen when I feel like 16…er…like now.

So when MBS brought the West End production here, it was only appropriate that I brought my 12-year-old niece to watch it. Last year, I brought her to watch Annie and she thoroughly enjoyed it. I am astonished that my niece has never heard of the show or even know the songs, for my sister performed My Favourite Things in school when she was a student and knew the lyrics very well. 

I invited my mother along but after hearing from her friend that the show was ‘lousy’, she declined. Her loss, for all of us enjoyed the musical, right down to my restless 7-year-old nephew who has the diplomacy of an ang-moh when it comes to politeness. 

The Singapore production, like before, featured three children from Singapore. The brood of seven children of Asian and Blonds reminded me of Angelina Jolie’s brood. 

Unfortunately as I did not buy the expensive program booklet, I couldn’t identify the actors here. But Captain Von Trapp was older than expected, and Maria looked like the one portrayed by Julie Andrews in the movie, which isn’t too bad although there might be some comparison done. 

The kids were wonderful and their every appearances were a delight to all.

What I like about this production was how the actors actually come off stage to the stall in their performance. This nuns walked through the aisle in the first act. At the end, the Nazi guard was standing near our door exit, which excited my nephew no end, as he was in full uniform and rifle. As news of the Von Trapps having escaped, he ran down the aisle beside us. The close interaction brought an intimacy to the performance.

As a West end Production, the total package was faultless. The stage was a church in one scene, a sitting room, a bedroom, a garden with the Alps behind, and the Alps itself, all transformed seamlessly.

I hope my niece and nephew appreciate their theatre experience, having attended one at MBS every year they are here, and these experiences be one of their favourite things in their childhood memory.


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