Innamorati 《唯一》- Musical Review

The name Innamorati is the Italian word for “Lovers”.

Even on the night of the musical, I couldn’t pronounce nor remember the English/Italian name Innamorati, only the Chinese title, 《唯一》, taken from the popular Eric Moo’s song, 你是我的唯一.

I had high hopes for this musical. A Toy Factory production, it uses a script which incorporates all of Eric Moo’s songs, which I love. Having enjoyed If there’re seasons, I had hope the musical would be of similar standard. It doesn’t matter that the actors are unknown to me, as long as they could sing. Alas, it was not to be.

The story, about seven wanna-be singers and the challenges they go through to fulfill their passions was interesting in itself, although the flip-flop of stories as they take turns to tell it takes some getting used to. Still, credit to the actors for being able to hold their own and not be over shadowed by each other.

The introductions by each member, each dialogue narrating long histories put my friends and I to sleep. For a moment, we wondered if this is a drama or musical. Haven’t just watched The Sound Of Music the night before, I couldn’t help making a comparison. shouldn’t a musical be more music than dialogue to qualify? Doesn’t Eric Moo have enough songs to cover the story without unnecessary narrations?

In a weird twist of reality, the actors on stage use each other’s real names, as if they are acting their compatriots story: Trey Ho as Jing Lun, Wong Jing Lun is Si Jing(Sugie Phua) and Sugie Phua is He Hong (Trey Ho). All of them are accomplished singers and it’s a shame they do not have much opportunities to display their vocals.

Don’t expect much of the stage. Using stools as props, and perhaps our imagination, there is nothing much to see visually in terms of costumes, stage or dance for that matter.

One of my companions (there were 6 of us there that night) calls it a knock-out performance. He was knocked out within the first 15 minutes. Two of us agreed with him it was difficult keeping awake, while two enjoyed the show and one abstained from commenting.

I wonder what Eric Moo would say.



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