God’s Gift – 14 Days Korean Drama

Okay, I admit I got lost in this thriller midway as the plot got fuzzy and confusing. What was presented as a simple mass murder case became more complicated as even the Blue House is involved. You wonder about the audacity of the script writers as they implicate the president, the secretary of state and the police as totally untrustworthy.

Kim Soo Hyun is a writer for a crime documentary on TV. She is married to a human rights lawyer who opposes the implementation of the death penalty. They have an adorable daughter Sa Byul and like any mother, she constantly nags at her daughter and piles her with enrichment classes.

She is presenting the murder of two women in Gangnam on TV live when the killer called into the program and to her horror, her daughter is kidnapped by him. Tragically, her daughter’s body is discovered. Devastated by it, she jumps into a lake to kill herself.

She wakes on the bank, alive, and returns home to find her daughter alive and well. She discovers that she has gone back in time to 14 days before the murder. God has given her a gift to save her daughter and prevent the tragedy.

She seeks the help of private investigator, Ki Dong Chan, a former ex-policeman who left the force after he disobeyed order and fired a shot at a man holding a boy hostage. He was at the scene of her suicide as he was thrown into the water by a group of gangsters, Amazingly, he too went back in time and is the only person to believe her story that her daughter will be killed.

Both of them decide that in order to save Sa Byul, they need to prevent the murder of the two women in Gangnam and change destiny. Unfortunately, despite their attempts, the women still got killed and the only clue is the man with the tattooed wrist.

And so, through the hunt for the man with the tattoo wrist, they discover that everyone around them is a suspected kidnapper: Soo Hyun’s husband Han Ji Hoon, who is being blackmailed by someone; his mistress whom he has forced an abortion; Dong Chan’s mother who wants Jo Hoon to save her elder son from death penalty for a murder he committed ten years before; the police for removing clues they found; and even the President from a drawing on the wall that Sa Byul drew.

With the hindsight they obtained from the future, the couple are able to predict what would happen but even with that, the unrolling events leave them, and me, flabbergasted.

The mystery, plus the determination of the couple draws the audience into the show. Still, there were some niggling parts that had me shaking my head at the stupidity of the script. One was the ease of the killer in getting into the victim’s car. Hello? Don’t the cars nowadays have auto lock functions? In one scene where an exchange took place for the hostage and a parcel, knowing that they had given the bad man a fake parcel, shouldn’t they quickly drive off? Instead, the father sits in the car while the mother chatted with the child on the phone, only to have the child taken back again as the goods were discovered to be fake. Stupid right?

Then, there is this incredulous talent by the couple to recall minute details and scenes that would help them as clues but would otherwise put me to shame as I can’t even remember what I wore three days ago, much less what was worn by a stranger two weeks ago. Luckily, there were plenty of flashbacks to help people like me recall the event in the show.

What was surprising is the lack of romance between the couple Soo Hyun and Dong Chan. Even until the end, when we know that Soo Hyun‘s marriage will not survive, we don’t see romance blossoming although the couple have enough chemistry, opportunity and reasons to indulged in.









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