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Great-Eater Restaurant Review (大食家海鲜)

Sometimes the name of a restaurant confuses me. My Aunt once recommended me to Diamond Kitchen which she described as a tze-char place. Tze-char is the Singaporean term for cheap fry-cook eatery normally located in the heartland, kopitiam (cafe) and hawker … Continue reading

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Magic In The Moonlight – Movie Review

Despite the not so great review from ST Life!, Bee and I decided to watch the movie. How could one expect a male critic to enjoy romantic comedy with no actions. Written and directed by Woody Allen, the plot and script … Continue reading

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Narrating Family History

We don’t know why he was picked, other than the journalist contacted him after he won a photo contest in the local Chinese papers. She was interested to interview him for a special article the paper was publishing on National … Continue reading

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Shape Run 2014

After a two year hiatus, I decided to participate in this year’s Shape Run. One motivation was that a friend was going and I had company. Another reason was after completing one 10km run without suffering knee pain, I wanted … Continue reading

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Big Mama Korean Food

The K-waves that invaded Singapore included stars, cosmetics, dramas, songs as well as food. One can find Korean food in any foodcourts and Korean restaurants are dotted around the island. The standard of the restaurants vary. I have been to … Continue reading

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The Sound of Music @ MBS

I love watching Sound of Music (SOM) ever since I was a child, and have seen it many times. I caught the stage show in Singapore (I think starring Marie Osmond) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I could know the lyrics … Continue reading

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Innamorati 《唯一》- Musical Review

The name Innamorati is the Italian word for “Lovers”. Even on the night of the musical, I couldn’t pronounce nor remember the English/Italian name Innamorati, only the Chinese title, 《唯一》, taken from the popular Eric Moo’s song, 你是我的唯一. I had high hopes … Continue reading

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