Big Man- Korean Drama

This is another of those stories about how an underdog takes on a large wicked conglomerate and wins.

Kang Ji Hwan (my favourite in Be Strong Geum Soon) is usually cast as a rich man, which I find him more suited, than the role of a thug, as in this drama. Kim Ji Hyuk was brutally beaten up until brain-dead so that his heart could be harvested to be donated to his fake younger brother, Kang Dong Suk, heir to Hyunsung Company. At the critical moment, he woke up and the family had no choice but to accept him. He was employed by the company as president with the hope that he would be humiliated by his business ignorant and opt to return to his old life. Instead, he wins over again and again through his honesty, sincerity and humility in his treatment of the staff, even saving the Distribution company that he is in charged of from bankruptcy.

His assistant, the lovely So Mi Ra finds herself attracted to him even as her own lover lies critically in hospital awaiting a heart.  Kang Dong Suk returns after getting a new heart and plots to regain his position as President and his love. He resorts to sabotage and murder just to frame Kim Ji Hyuk, revealing to him that they are not brothers and sending him to jail.

Devastated, Kim Ji Hyuk vows to seek revenge and bring down the company. On probation, he seeks the help of Mafia boss who helps him.

Kang Ji Hwan as the thug tends to overact with exaggerated actions, which was thankfully tamed as in the later episodes. Lee Da Hee as So Mi ra was more restrained but her role was at times confusing. As So Mi ra, she tries not to be the helpless female and is even seen as smart in overcoming the crooks. Other times, she is the bait they use to get to Kim Ji Hyuk.

While the story was predictable and similar plots have been used before, the drama managed to captivate me enough to finish the 16 episodes in 4 days.


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