Sum Kee Food – Restaurant Review

Every Saturday and Sunday dinners are eat-out nights. Where my in-laws used to cook, their recent predicament rendered that we now eat out every Saturday night. Sunday is the maid’s off day and so we eat out. It’s a headache trying to balance good food with budget for the extended family troupe of almost ten. More often than not, we seek out cheap tze char places in the west, trying hard not to repeat the outlet too often. So now, it’s headache trying to decide where to eat on Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday my Brother Min recommended a new place in a nondescript building. Sum Kee Food is located in Yeo’s Building along Pasir Panjang Road. Parking is free and lots available but when we were there yesterday at 6.30pm, the inside was already full.

We missed the signboard touting the day’s special but our waiter was quite firm in pushing the dishes to us. We ordered all small dishes except for the vegetables.

The satay pork ($12) came highly recommended. It’s a non-menu item. The sliced pork fried with pineapple and peanut sauce could have been special if the peanut sauce was more spicy and thicker. The chef could take a lesson from Satay Bee hoon.


My brother highly recommended the Ultraman Chicken ($12)m, deep friend chicken coated in salted egg. We have tried the variant of this – crab, sotong, and found this to be equally delicious.


Aaron loves claypot tofu and the crab meat tofu ($15), while served in what looked like claypot but was actually melamine pot, was a poor cousin to what we have tried elsewhere. The sauce was starchy, crab meat miserable, and did not appear as what was shown on the menu.


My mother wanted the Si Chup Sheng Fishhead ($12) (Fishhead in black bean sauce with bitter gourd).  The waiter asked if we wanted a half unchopped fish head and we opted for what was shown on the menu. I don’t fancy anything in Si Chup (black bean) as the strong taste tends to mar the natural taste of the ingredients and this is no difference. Worse, the sliced fish head came with tiny bones that was difficult to eat.



I love stir-fried water cress but not many restaurants serve this simple dish (although Mom claims it’s difficult to cook). Thus I was delighted to see it here. ($16 for medium).


The natural crunch of the water cress shoot would be better with a more generous amount of garlic.

The waiter had pointed to a fried tofu dish and told us it’s vegetable inside, although I pointed to him the description ‘Fried Tofu pockets’. He assured us it’s vegetable. In the end, the bill described the dish as vegetable treasure roll ($12), something totally different.



I usually don’t order deep-fried stuff but the vegetables inside compensate the sinful cooking method.

Rice here costs $0.80 per bowl which Mom balk at the inflated price.

Slightly more expensive than a Tze Char place, but with aircon (if you sit inside) and Visa payment accepted, I guess this makes it a restaurant which makes the price more reasonable, wouldn’t you say?


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4 Responses to Sum Kee Food – Restaurant Review

  1. Marta says:

    I really like watercress !

  2. Marta says:

    Raw in salads, but in cooked in soups. How do you eat it?

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