Emergency Couple – Korean Drama

This was a much-anticipated romantic drama on Channel M (Starhub 824) starring Running Men’s lovely Song Ji-hyo and hunk Choi Jin-hyuk. But boy, did it disappoint. Okay, I expected the script to be predictable, but the whole sorry drama depended on the cute couple to pull everything together which they failed to do.

Episode 1 started promising enough. Jin Hee and Chang Min were University sweethearts who got married on a whim, jeopardizing Chang Min’s medical education which irked his mother. They survived on his pharmaceutical sales job and realised that marriage was not the bed of roses they had imagined. The lead to frequent fights and viewers were given viscous performance of how they go about destroying each other’s property and the inevitable divorce.

Six years later, both find that they are intern in the emergency unit in the hospital. He was educated overseas and she was helped by his professor father. The drama would have been better if they were chefs in a restaurant, or colleagues in a company, but being doctors are just so unbelievable. Thrown in an emergency, Jin-hee either screams or asks helplessly to Chang Min to solve the situation. Hello? Aren’t you a doctor as well? That happens so many times you wonder how she graduated into an intern. At other times, she is shown to take charge of the situation and performs outstandingly. Apparently she is only helpless in front of Chang min.

To provide the love triangle, their ‘boss’ Gook Cheon-soo, an emotionless man, finds himself attracted to Jin-hee, unaware that another colleague, a platonic friend, secretly likes him.

Chang-min tries to win his ex-wife back, much to the disapproval of his mother, while she resisted. Then mid-way, when he realise the impact his mother contributed to the divorce, he backed out and she advanced the courtship.

It was a disastrous show and I only watched it to the end to give my review justice. But you can give it a miss. Unless you are a big fan of both.


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