Massages after Mount Kinabalu Climb

My friend LK was the perfect tour organizer. She had goggled and checked that there is a spa around our hotel for a much-needed massage after our climb.

The spa she located was Mont Spa, located at 1 Borneo Hypermall, next to our hotel Novotel. We were greeted by a friendly Filipino staff. The place is huge, with a beverage bar, a foot reflexology corner, two huge pools, saunas and massage rooms. A man just exited the sauna when we arrived and I wondered if the place is meant to be unisex. I got my answers in the massage room.

There was no disposable underwear, no hair net, not even a towel to preserve my modesty. I asked the Filipino and he passed me hand towel. My masseur was from China. She told me she came over to start this flame treatment but had decided to return to China. I asked for another towel and she passed me another hand towel. Two hand towers to cover me up. I had booked for a two-hour massage to relieve my aching legs but got less than what I paid for.

She started with my back, and then moved down to my legs. As soon as she touched my shins, I tensed up and warned her to be very gentle. She spent a considerable time trying to loosen my shin muscles, which until then I didn’t know was tensed.

After a long while, I turned over and she asked if I wanted a breast massage and I agreed. She went on to tell me the benefits of self breast massage in draining toxins. Before I knew it, someone knocked on the door and said times up. Huh? What about my thighs and the rest of my front? She said we chatted until she forgot the time. She produced a chit for me to sign. In the chit was some gratuity boxes for you to mark, with a minimum for RM10, RM20, RM50, up to RM100. I was reluctant but ticked RM10. She didn’t do a complete job. At the payment counter, she said she didn’t charge me RM140 for the breast massage which she should. What?!! Incidentally, my husband Mike had a local masseur who gave him the full body massage and he had no complaint.

The next day, my shins, which didn’t hurt before, started aching and was tender to the touch. My hubby decided to try Thai Massage at Thai Odyssey located at the same mall while I met up with a friend. After that, he was full of praise and I decided to give it a try. What a difference. The female receptionist advised that I should take a Thai Oil massage. The cozy warm interior is what a spa should be like. My Thai masseur first gave me a foot bath. Then she led me into a room with a mattress on the floor, providing me with disposable underwear, hair net and a huge towel (thank goodness!). My forehead is rested on a block while my upper body is propped up with a pillow, thereby allowing a breathing space while I am lie on my front.

My one hour massage was heavenly. With gentle rubs, she soothed my aching muscles. At the end, she wrapped the towel around me snugly, she supported my upper body and gave me a much-needed stretch.

I was served a cup of herbal tea at the end of the much too short massage (RM118 for 60 mins). I gave my masseur a RM10 tips willingly.

So when you are there, you know which massage to choose.





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