Mermaid Restaurant @ Hoi An Old Town, Vietnam

SAM_2116 [mike]

This restaurant was highly recommended by the Manager at Tapas Ecolodge. He even provided us with a list of items we should not miss. And so, when we arrived at Hoi An, we went around looking for the restaurant. It was only by chance that we found it at the other end of the entrance. People we asked pointed vaguely and we almost gave up.

We found the portions to be smaller here and most of what was recommended were appetizers, good with a bottle of Viet beer perhaps.

We couldn’t not order our usual Summer roll or fresh Spring roll (D52,000) . It’s pricier than most places but then this is a tourist area,

SAM_2119 [mike]

The exotic sounding name of White Rose (D45,000) is a dumpling dish which was wrapped in the same rice paper as in the summer rolls. Still, it tasted exotic.

SAM_2117 [mike]



I wanted the Green Mango Salad (D55,000) and this tasted no difference from those you get from local Thai restaurants, sour and tangy.

SAM_2122 [mike]


The Fried Wanton (D55000), which only angmoh likes, is prepared in tortillas style, unlike those we Chinese cook them.

SAM_2118 [mike]


To compliment the appetizers, we ordered a filler, garlic fried rice (D35000), griiled Mackerel (D125000) and grilled eggplant with pork (D75000).

SAM_2123 [mike]SAM_2124 [mike]

The grilled mackeral is similar to our Ortah, with bigger chunks of fish. The claypot of stewed eggplants is similar to what we get here.

Our meal that night was D488K (US$23) including tea and ice coffee. For three persons, I would say it’s quite reasonable.




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