Brain – Korean Drama

I missed this telecast when it was showing on KBS. I really don’t enjoy watching medical dramas, which seem to flood the major Korean station prime time recently. But my Aunt S, after watching All About My Romance ( fell in love with lead actor Shin Ha-kyun, and decided to watch his recent dramas. She thought Brain was really good and showed the brilliant acting of the actor and persuaded me to watch her DVD.

Shin Ha-kyun has an over-the-top acting style which either endears himself to the viewers or irritates. My opinion on his exaggerated gestures yo-yo between like and dislike. Here, he plays talented brain surgeon and neuroscientist  Lee Kang Hoon who schemes and plots to get to the top of his career, kissing asses, betraying love-ones, only to realise his mistakes at the end.

Lee Kang Hoon comes from a dysfunctional family and thought that his mother left home for an adulterous affair, only to return home years later with his half-sister. He treats them with distant aloofness. He learns that his mentor was the surgeon who committed an error while operating on his father which left him dead and plots his revenge against his mentor. He is jealous of his peer Seo Joon Suk, who comes from a family of doctors and might have risen to his level not because of his skill as a doctor but riding along side his doctor father who also works in the hospital. Both Lee and Seo like pretty resident doctor Yoon Ji Hye. As a colleague, he is unfriendly and unpopular, constantly defies authorities, yet he is held in awe for his skills and talents, which is showcased in each episode.

He soon learns that things are not what he has perceived. Playing politics in his career did not help achieve his aims and it’s people whom he had shunned who had supported him that awakens him to the importance of love and relationship in his life.

Watching this drama reminded me of my first Korean medical drama Surgeon Bong Dal Hee. Then, as in now, I am constantly amazed at how the broadcast stations has no qualms showing the distasteful state of affairs in Korean hospitals – the quarrels and fights that goes on while in an operation theatres, the abusive relatives (doctors gets slapped) and the blame games when an operation is not successful. Do these things really happen in Korean hospitals? Or is it prevalent elsewhere too? I know American medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy have people who are more civilized.

Recommended for fans of Korean medical dramas and Shin Ha-kyun only.




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