What I would never share online

As a blogger and a frequent user of social media, my personal life appears to be in full view to everyone interested in me. Friends of mine who have Facebook accounts – and there are not many – do so to track their children and do not post or comment for fear of offending anyone, including their children. They instead comment by telephoning me as soon as they see my post online. Many times, I have been warned by friends that whatever stories they have shared are not to be blogged by me, even as I promised them anonymity. Somehow, they don’t trust that I have the common sense to know what is discerning.

So, what are the things that I would never share online?

1) Numbers¬†that compromise my or others’ security – that includes NRIC number, address, account numbers passwords and telephone number (even though I think it has been shared numerous time between the telemarkers.)

2) Offensive or swear words – This is just not me. I do not swear in real life and see no reason to online. I believe everyone can be gracious and we should all strive to make the virtual world a pleasant one for all.

3) Obscene photos/videos – I don’t take any myself and I hope my kids have the sense to never ever let me chance upon theirs online.

I thought this exercise would be easy but despite sleeping on the topic for a few days, I can’t seem to come out with more, which surprises myself. Perhaps given to another person, the list would be longer.

If you think there are some things I should never share online, please, enlighten me.




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