Birth Secret – Korean Drama

This was an unexpected encore telecast that caught my attention on SBS. The drama takes a refreshing twist where the scrip pits a beautiful and highly intelligent Harvard educated woman with a simplistic and lowly educated man. This is not unlike the popular Japanese romance in the 1990s 101 Proposals between a beautiful cellist and a construction worker.

The drama starts Jung Yi Hyun as a high IQ school girl hoping to get a scholarship to US universities. She discovers that her father is a professor in the university and they reconcile. Then one day, she wakes up no longer a school girl but a lactating adult woman, with no recollection as to what happened during the last seven years. She finds her step-uncle who gives her refuge, and an overseas education and now a job in his company, with the impression that her father has died.

The drama flip-flops between the time she was a student, as an adult and now. One day, she meets Hong Gyung Doo, who insists that she is his wife and mother of their daughter Hae Deum. It’s unbelievable to her. How can a highly intelligent woman like her marry a simpleton like him?

And so, the show tries to piece together the clues as to how she married him, with him giving her some snippets. and she having some flashbacks of memory. Even if the story of how they had saved each other from committing suicide and thus ending up together were true, their situation has now changed and she could never return to him. But, she could afford a better future for their daughter Hae Deum, who has inherited her intelligence, a brighter future. Hong Gyung Doo is devastated. He has dream about them being a family together again, as she has made him a man and a father, something unthinkable to him before they met.

As the story unravels further, we see the reasons behind her amnesia, how her evil step-uncle and his family who are trying to take over her father’s inheritance, and how Hong Gyung Doo succeeds again in winning over her heart.

One reason I was attracted to this drama is the little girl Kal So Won who acted as Hae Deum. She is the same girl who has acted in movie Miracle in Cell No 7 ( and reprises a similar role she had in the movie. 




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